Xuan Kong Feng Shui Aka Flying Superstars Wind Water

This Institution of Xuan Kong Feng Shui program rests on the astronomical basis of the “flight styles of dynamic superstars” through the three yuans or eras of nine yuns or intervals which holds seriously impactful consequences on the occupants who lived within a confined space walled by at least three sides and a roof structure over it. The most common interpretation of thiscriteria is the human residence or shop room that satisfies this prognosis.

Modern research are still being conducted into the degree of its potency and pervasiveness on the occupant’s well-being at a chosen “confined space” in a single location over a correspondingly very similar conditions in another location can lead to a wide rift with regard to favourable versus unfavourable end result or amount of luckiness benefiting or influencing the individuals living therein.

Though this is the deep and very profound knowledge of Feng Shui studies which nearly all suffered Chinese Metaphysics practitioners and scholars alike accepted its pervasiveness but nonetheless the debate is countless on the “quantification of its potency” which ranges widely and also depend on which Feng Shui practitioners and their degree of experience and skill-units, will be conducting and administrating the “commissioning of the flight designs of the dynamic superstars configuration”.

To truly take pleasure in the commissioning of the air travel patterns of the various dynamic stars configuration, you have to delve very deeply into the many over-lapping degrees of this stars configuration patterns prior to the desired auspiciousness can be evoked and brought to the desired outcome regarding its pervasiveness and its own potency level to benefit the persons living therein.

The detractors of this school of Feng Shui explained that the ancient typical texts contained contradictions including “errors” which appeared therein had been mere poetic scripts which may be extremely disputable. This raised the problems whether these “errors” happen to be intentional or mere typographical in aspect.

This further increases the equation of whether it is worth treating this ancient typical texts as valuable treasured little bit of personal dairy of views and natural observation collected therein.

Those acquainted with the ancient classic texts will agree that this is generally how ancient classic texts have been propagated in the ancient past from generation right down to another generation in its organic propaganda manner.

This Xuan Kong Feng Shui ( aka “Flying Stars Wind Water” ) is essentially a sophisticated field of methods researched upon by our past Feng Shui pioneers on this system of prognosis. It was made publicly identified by Jiang Da Hong, famous wonderful guru grandmaster, ending of Ming Dynasty.

Due to Jiang Da Hong very guarded privacy aspect, Xuan Kong Feng Shui possessed put through much misunderstanding and misinformation resulting in many peers during his situations who attemptedto conduct investigation of his works together with their very own attempted personal interpretation and did not or unable to decipher the outcome as prognosticated by Jiang Da Hong.

Thus, today, the detractors of this school of Feng Shui still hold very similar misunderstanding and misinformation and rendered it as an unworthy branch of meta-science study subject unlike the proponents of the school of Xuan Kong Feng Shui Practitioners who are claiming successful endeavours and obtained accolades and regard from their paying consumers and friends alike.

feng shui Despite misunderstand and misinformation, there is a tacit harmonious understanding amongst the different schools of “Wind Drinking water” practitioners where in fact the final acid-test is to find the “solutions” to handle the clients’ issues, challenges and perhaps meet their expectations within affordable scope of satisfaction as it is still a meta-science rather than considered as a precise science yet today.

We will leave it to the future generations of “Wind Drinking water” scholars and practitioners alike to bring this knowledge to another degree of development given the race of booming new technology offered today where hopefully provides an increased prosperous future to more folks and an improved feng shui for all.

The word Feng Shui can be synonymous to suggest “Wind Water” that is a compound name that implies the interaction of the physical types of land and buildings with valuable and malevolent energies which can affect human well-getting, fortunes and happiness, in a nutshell, prosperity.

“Wind Water” belongs to the genre of disciplines of old cultures for a beautiful and harmoniously abundant wholesome lifetime. Even inanimate or non-biological objects, like rocks and winds, happen to be deemed as made up of energies, which when disturbed, could render “invisible harm” to human. On the other hand, when one knows how exactly to utilize the useful nature of such energies, it can become favourable influence and bring advantageous outcome as intended.